Thursday, March 11, 2010

From the Diaper Bag: Dear Monkey Mae

Thanks to those of you who have sent me Monkey Grams! I love having Mommy Chick read your emails to me.

Here is our first "From the Diaper Bag" feature:

Dear Monkey Mae,
Here is a shout out to all the short, wide people who don't want to wear Mom Jeans. I wear the Curvy Boot Cut from Ann Taylor Loft. They are cute and affordable at $59.50.

I love your blog and think Bald is the New Black.


Dear Jill,
Thanks for the suggestion. We love the jeans and give our blessing for you to wear them with pride.

I apologize for adding that last line to your letter. Perhaps next time you will realize the importance of complimenting me and I won't have to make up stuff.

Monkey Mae

P.S. I am sorry you are short and wide. Did I mention I'm in the 95% for weight and 50% for height? Sorry about your luck.


  1. She is my auntie, so she has to love me. I promise if you write me, I will be kind.

  2. And she is super cute. I think she kind of looks like my favorite person: MC.

  3. Hey Monkey Mae! I saw some little girls "juicy" clothes on craigs list near me and thought I'd pass along the ad! Tell your mom!

  4. Wow, you really gave it to her! I can't imagine those jeans are going to help a person that is truly short and wide. The person in the pic doesn't look anywhere near wide!