Friday, May 28, 2010

"Sex and the City" Inspired Bow

Have you seen "Sex and the City 2" yet?  Neither have we.  But we are super excited to see all the fun fashion and ridiculous storylines.

Do you ever poke around on Facebook?  Mommy Chick wastes way too much time there.  Daddy Dude is not on Facebook because it is "gay."  We is fun, sparkly, well dressed and fabulous.  That is what he meant by "gay," right?

Anyway, we saw this fierce bow on Sweet and Chic Bowique's page.  It is inspired by "Sex and the City"!
Look closely.  Those are shoes on the bow!  I need this to highlight my new platinum hair!

The bow is $4.99.  I know!  A total bargain, right?

Here's how to make it even more of a bargain:  Mention "I support our troops" in the note section of your order, and get 10% off anything purchased this weekend.  

Sale ends Monday at 11:59 p.m.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Gap Swim Sale!

Big shout out to Mama at Everyday Mama for alerting us to the $12 swimsuit sale at Baby Gap!

I opted for two looks, each featuring animal print.  Insert animal growling sound here.

The first is a one-shoulder giraffe print one piece, regularly $20.

And here is a fabulous zebra print tankini, also regularly $20.

Listen up, baby boys!  If you really want to impress your lady friend, sport these sea horse trunks.  Did you know male sea horses have babies and then stay home with them while the girl sea horses play golf and drink beer?  It's true.  So if you wear these, your lady will know that you are really dedicated!

Baby Gap's online sale runs through June 2nd.

Preparing for the Holiday Weekend

Do you have plans for the big holiday weekend? I'm not sure what is on our agenda. However, I don't want to be caught off guard for any last-minute beach, boat or pool outings. So Mommy Chick and I spray tanned. We really do love Mystic Tan. MC is naturally alabaster, but Mystic makes her a nice shade of ecru.

If you don't have time to stand naked in front of the sprayers, we also really dig Neutrogena MicroMist self tanner.  Make sure you get the mist instead of the lotion or spray.  We find anything other than the mist streaks.  MC buys two shades darker than her natural, translucent color.

Neutrogena MicroMist Tanning Sunless Spray - Deep 5.3oz

We're hitting Macy's today in search of a swimsuit for me.  I'm starting swim lessons soon and need to look good while I scream.  I'll let you know what we score.

I'm pretty sure I can pull off a bikini.  Wish us luck!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I've Gone Primal!

Look! I'm eating roasted chicken. Not only is it yummy, but it makes a nice facial mask.

Mommy Chick is pretty excited because Operation Melt Baby Fat is going very well. This is pretty funny. MC lost all of her Baby Growing weight within the first week I was on Earth. But then, I ate at the boobie buffet 24/7 and it made her insanely hungry. So she gained a bunch of it back. Isn't that crazy?

So we put our heads together and began counting calories. But MC was starving all the time and still didn't lose weight. That's what I call a lose-lose situation. And the supply at the buffet tanked, so no one was happy. And when I'm not happy, we have problems.

MC was all sad, so she started working out with a trainer. He told us to read this blog:

The gist is you kind of eat like our ancestors did a bunch of years ago. You know, back when they lived in caves instead of condos. I don't really like science, but if you do, you can see all the studies and research that explain the theory.

If you don't feel like reading here is the deal. It all revolves around insulin. Increase in insulin is bad and makes you fat and hungry. And oh yeah, causes disease. Yuck.

1. Don't eat sugar or white flour.
2. Limit grains.
3. Increase fat.

It's super yummy and totally works. MC is closing in on her pre-preg weight, but wants to lose a bit more.

And here's the best part. Since going primal, the supply at the boobie buffet has just about doubled.

And that makes me happy. And when I'm happy, we are all happy.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Breaking News: I Have Hair

Check it out! I'm rocking a bow WITH NO HEADBAND! The bow is indeed clipped to actual strands of hair. I'm pretty sure I'm a future blond, so I still kind of look bald. But I really am sprouting a nice little mane.

This picture was snapped by the paparazzi at the gay chorus concert this weekend. Mommy Chick and I worked in the lobby pimping a DVD we produced.

I am wearing a custom-made dress, designed for me by one of Daddy Dude's patients. She has a little business and keeps threatening to open an online store, but so far has not. We will let you know as soon as that gets rolling.

MC is wearing, don't judge, a dress from Macy's junior department. She is far from being a "junior" so I was a bit confused. But it totally makes sense...she needed something sassy and trendy, yet didn't want to commit much cash. MC still melting away some pounds, so I agree that investing in something pricey would be silly.

We paid $24.99 for this little dress. Here is a similar one for the same price:

Friday, May 21, 2010

Help Monkey Babies with Blood Cancers

Happy Friday! Yesterday I celebrated my eight month birthday. Yay me! I use the term "celebrate" lightly, because Mommy Chick and I like to celebrate our love and fabulocity each day, and we think you should, too.

I'm so happy to be healthy and have the energy to play in the park and blog about pretty clothes. I've told you before that I did a short NICU stint when I was born. Pneumonia is for the birds. It was not a good time and MC doesn't like to to talk about it, especially because she wears liquid eyeliner which is not conducive to crying.

Here is a video of me when I was a few days old. I was sucking colostrum off a cotton swab. If you watch it too much, you might melt at how sweet and cute I am. BTW...those are Daddy Dude's hands. MC does not have big furry fingers. That would be gross.

When I was in the hospital, MC and Daddy Dude were so touched by the help and outpouring of love we all received. Our friend, Barbara, was so wonderful to all of us. She came and sat with MC, who was all weepy pants. But even though MC was weepy, she still blew out her hair and wore lip gloss, which is a lot more
than I can say for a nurse who was mean to us. But I digress.

Barbara also did cranial sacral therapy on me, which helped me heal faster. I was only in the pokey for 10 days, and we just can't imagine what it's like for mommies and daddies and babies who have blood cancer.

And now, Barbara is running for the Central Florida Woman of the Year. That's a pretty big title, but we think it is fitting for a few reasons:

*She is a Lymph Drainage Therapist
*She is raising money for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society.
*This money goes toward helping children with blood cancers.
*Every 10 minutes a life is lost to leukemia.

One dollar equals one vote. She needs 5,000 votes, or she will be publicly beheaded. I authorized a nice donation from our family business.

If each one of you gave even a dollar or two, that would be a lot. I'm not really that good at math, but I do know that a least a few hundred people visit me every day. I know that because I'm a Reverse Stalker. I can see you. And I know if you have time to be sitting around reading blogs, you have time to go this website and donate $5.

Seriously, go get a latte and then donate the same amount to help sick monkey babies.

And if you actually do it, maybe I will tell you the story about how Barbara helped MC and DD know what my name was supposed to be.

Here's your tease: I was still in utero.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Janie and Jack: Monkey Paradise

Yeah, I said it: Monkey Paradise. I do love to shop at Janie and Jack, so I'm very honored they designed a whole collection just for me.

Have you seen it?  The down side is that it is part of the layette collection, so you older kids can't get in on the fun.

I wore this little number to Seaworld over the weekend.  It's very gauzy and cool, which is a plus for these steamy temps.  Also, it's not too obvious.  You know what I mean?  The monkeys are classy and refined, just chillin' in palm trees.  They're not slinging poo like zoo monkeys.  Not that there's anything wrong with that.

This is $34.

The Monkey Paradise collection features some cuteness for boys, too.  This shirt is $28.  I can picture my boyfriends wearing this while smoking a Cuban cigar, except infants probably shouldn't smoke.

They also have some pretty sassy stuff on sale, like this bikini for $23.

And these pineapple swim trunks for $21.99.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Own Version of "Dancing with the Stars"

Do you love "Dancing with the Stars"? I think it's fabulous and is one of the reasons I refuse to go to bed early.

I can't decide whether I love Nicole or Evan more. Nicole is from the same town as Mommy Chick, and is clearly the best dancer. But Evan is so funny, and I'm pretty sure he is fa-la-la-fabulous, if you know what I mean. And I think you do.

As you may already know, I excel at the River Dance!

Now I've added ballroom to my repertoire.

This was an impromptu performance. Next time I will spray tan and add sequins to my monkey pajamas.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I Met a Dolphin

And I want him to live in my bathtub. This dolphin especially warms my heart because he posed on cue.

Over the weekend, we went to Seaworld. It's this big, hot place where animals live in pools. You can see by the sweat glistening on both Mommy Chick and me that we really wanted to hop into the pool, too. But MC explained that diving into the dolphin pool would be considered inappropriate and might get us thrown into theme park jail.

I really don't want to go to theme park jail, because we'd probably be in there with people who wear Crocs and style their hair into mullets.

Speaking of hair, you can't see from that picture, but I'm finally starting to get some. I decided to yank my hat off all day, so MC slicked up my 'do with some sunscreen.

Daddy Dude thought I might like to show my luxurious hair to the passers-by on the log flume ride.

Rude. That is MC and DD's friend laughing. Rude.

Now I'm having to undergo special hair treatments to get the reclaimed water funk out of my locks.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Canine Companions

Remember yesterday when I told you we went to Seaworld? You'll never believe why we went! Mommy Chick, Daddy Dude and I were invited to a very special event: a Canine Companions for Independence Graduation.

If you don't know about CCI, go check out their website. These dogs and their people are so amazing and pretty much make my dogs look extra lazy. And maybe not so smart.

We went to support Talullah Belle, a black lab. She and her trainer, Peggy, are patients of DD. I personally think Talullah Mae has a nice ring to it.

Isn't she beautiful? I love her and just know she will make an amazing companion for a very lucky person!

I love this video of Tallulah Belle Mae, with the exception of MC droning on and on about mastitis in the background. We get it, MC, you were sick. It wasn't a picnic for any of us, believe me. But let's all move on, OK?

We have more important things to talk about, like my hair. Do you love it? I'm still growing it out some, but am pleased with its sunny blond hue.

I still think a sweepy bang might look nice.

What do you think?

I'm Just Like Barbara Walters

Wow, I've been away a long time. I told you Mommy Chick is recovering from mastitis. It's pretty much like having the Devil in Your Boobies, but maybe even a bit worse. She finally is up and moving again, which is good. I really haven't authorized much sick time for her, so to have her use up almost two weeks is not good for the bottom line.

MC and I are on the Board of Directors for our local gay chorus. MC is a really bad singer, so she mainly helps with public relations and media stuff.

Our big project lately has been producing a DVD to celebrate their 20th Anniversary Season. So I've gotten to interview a lot of people, help shoot video and help edit.

This is what happened when we went to interview the publisher of a newspaper. If you are aspiring to be a journalist, keep in mind that it is very professional to take a baby to your interviews. For added flair, wear a top that is covered in baby puke.

Were you able to pick out my question? Pretty hard-hitting stuff, huh?

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mommy was Hit by a Boobie Truck

Sorry we've been MIA. Where to begin? Mommy Chick is down and out with something called mastitis. So she pretty much lays in her bed and sleeps. She says it feels like a truck hit her. And she has a fever. Don't worry, she's on antibiotics so we're hoping to be back to normal in a few days.

My Gigi has been here working for me while MC lays around like a possum. I kind of like this mastitis thing, because the doctor told her to sleep and feed me as much as possible. So I'm playing a very important role in recovery.

Much like a queen, Gigi ferries me back and forth to the milk bar every few hours. I could get used to this.

I've been working on a lot of stuff lately, like growing hair and saying "Da da." I have video of all of this, but am hesitant to make MC work too much today.

We'll try to update tomorrow.