Monday, March 22, 2010

Drool Bandanas

So I have a little bit of a situation happening here. Lately I've been drooling. A lot. At first, I thought it was simply a reaction to Mommy Chick's obsessive viewing of JT's new video. There are lots of shots of cupcakes and cherries.

And, BTW,  this video proves that 80's fashion is back in full swing. Why else would JT being wearing that jazzy little white jacket, reminiscent of the Members Only look? MC knew a gay who used to wear a Member's Only Jacket in the late 90s. We say an Unfashionable Gay is a waste of DNA.

Anyway, we finally figured out that I'm growing some teeth. That is completely awesome, because soon I can chew at the boobie buffet. That will be fun for everyone!

So MC is in this little club, where she talks to other mommies on the internet. That's where she learned about this: Drool Bandanas! Look how cool this little dude looks, rockin' flames!

Drool bandanas are $9.99 and you can choose from about 50 different fabrics.  I personally will skip the "en fuego" look.  If you click here, you can check out the clearance fabrics, which will save you 25%.


  1. oh the drooling. i remember those days! thanks for visiting and following over at the crib!

  2. Great blog! The Drool Bandanas are fabulous. My little Isla will have to start reading PDQ so she can follow your adventures. :) Kathy From FF

  3. That looks like a great way to accessorize if you have to be drooling anyway!