Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Baby Party and Rare Editions Clothing!

I celebrated my half-birthday with a big party! Ok, so it wasn't really a party for me. It was a Hypnobirthing reunion! Hypnobirthing is the technique Mommy Chick and I used to get me to "the outside." Busting out of a womb is a lot of work, but we loved Hypno. If you do it, your mommy won't even have to get that big needle stuck in her spine, so you should check it out. were all are! I'm on the left in pink and green! Sunday is to my right. She and I wear our hair almost exactly the same. It's very Mia Farrow in Rosemary's baby.

Brock is next to Sunday. He is the oldest and kind of like the Hef of our group. He dates us all.

Reese is next to him. She is the youngest and hasn't had to have any botox yet.

That's Katelyn chillin' by Reese. I know she has hair extensions but won't admit it.

This photo is from our "Hypnobirthing Babies Gone Wild" calendar shoot. All proceeds will go straight to MC's "Buy a New Stroller and a Bunch of Other Frivolous Stuff" fund. Calendars are $300 each.

Here is a behind the scenes video. I will also sell you a director's cut of this. I was really trying to give a little something different in each frame. Watch us go!

In case you're wondering what I'm wearing, it's a little Rare Editions outfit. MC tried to find the exact one online, but we couldn't. We scored this one on sale for $10. Most of their outfits are regularly around $25-$35! Super fab!

I also rarely leave home with out my Trumpette Maryjane Socks. They are always a crowd pleaser and you totally need some.


  1. What a perfect picture! I think that you are a camera genius for actually being able to get a picture of 5 babies all at once - and not a one of them crying!!

    I do LOVE trumpette socks...that was the one bummer of Ali starting to wear shoes - Trumpettes were somewhat...trumped! Sad day...

  2. Isla is adorable and for sure the best wiggler in the bunch.

  3. That's a lot of babies! I hope they've un-hypnotized mommy chick by now? Or does that help with early mommy-hood.