Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Mommy Chick Gets Lucky!

Jeans, that is.  What did you think I meant?  My brain is not yet developed enough to really understand innuendo.

Thank goodness MC knows I am The Boss of Her.  Apparently she closely followed my series last week, From Frump to FabuMommy.  So yesterday we ventured to Lucky Brand Jeans.

Look how happy Lorraine and Carlos are!   Meeting a world famous fashion blogger was a pretty big deal for them.  I took my stuffed Piglet along for moral support.  I needed it when MC  kept word vomiting  that she "isn't normally this size." Carlos can't take his eyes off me.  His hair fascinates me. I think I'd like to puke in it.

Once we got past  the chorus of "kill me's" MC shouted from the dressing room,  I approved two pair of jeans for purchase.

Bite the bullet and go get some new jeans.  Your ba-donk-a-donk will thank you.

I have to go rehearse my River Dancing now.

You'll see.


  1. I only bought two pair because I KNOW my butt is going to magically shrink in the next three months. That, or it will be surgically removed.


  2. I have only ever tried on Lucky jeans at the outlet. I was a little disturbed that a 2 was too big and 6 was too small. Maybe that is why they were in the outlet. I might have to try the real store.

  3. There is little in blogland that makes me laugh out loud like you to Monkey Mae. You might like to puke in that man's hair, but some day Mommy Chick will tell your boyfriend that story and it will embarrass you. I would try to hold it back, your older self with thank you.