Friday, March 5, 2010

Wardrobe Malfunction

Can you please call Justin Timberlake or Janet Jackson?  I need help handling this PR nightmare.

Mommy Chick and I dashed out to run some errands (that's what she calls going to Starbucks) and this is what happened!  It's like some sort of weird fraternity ritual, driving around blindfolded.  Next she is going to make me chug boobie milk through a funnel, I just know it.

To her credit, I started out pretty cute.  I was actually quite jazzed about my ensemble: a basic white onesie, Carters striped pants, Baby Gap vest, and custom-made hat.

For the record, I advise against most of you (including MC) wearing horizontally-striped pants.

What's the worst warbrobe malfunction you've ever had?


  1. These pictures are just the cutest pictures I've ever seen!!! hahaha the first one is a total classic!! :)

  2. Wardrobe malfunction? I think not! So cute!!! I kind of like those striped pants. LoL

  3. Poor Monkey Mae - my daughter is five and she still has that same problem with her hats. Constantly I'm hearing, "mom, my hat! I can't see!" I hope you figure out that you can use your own two hands to push that thing up. My girl still isn't getting it!

  4. wow.. the baby is so cute... I think he enjoy his hat.. Not really on the first one..... From MBC.. keep following you