Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My New Friend is a Big Show Off

This is my new friend Sophia. I know, you're probably ovulating right now just looking at her. I haven't actually met her yet, but I bet when I do I'll discover that she uses hairpieces. But I'm not bitter.

Look how smug she is, all posed on a stack of bath towels. She's looking right into that camera, with her dainty bow, mocking my rose-bush-like hair accessories.
We love Sophia's wings. If you'd like some wings for yourself or your Monkey Baby, check out Dream Angels. They have adult, child and baby wings, so you can be a matching Angel Family.

I'm going to go apply Rogaine now.

Welcome to the world Sophia! We love you!


  1. Don't worry Monkey may. Her hair will most likely fall out in a few months!
    Super cute pic!!

  2. That hair is probably going to fall out. I had hair like that when I was first born. It fell out while my mom was giving me a bath and she cried. Poor mom. I grew hair again eventually.

  3. This has me rolling on the floor laughing! I love this! They are both so cute!