Monday, March 1, 2010

From Frump to FabuMommy: Three Minute Face!

I am such a lucky Bald Monkey Baby!  Today we have our first ever special guest star on Monkey Mae Says!  It's kind of like how Charo was always a guest star on The Love Boat, except we promise today's guest star will not say "cuchi cuchi."

We're happy Mr. George T. Reed joins us to chat about make up and putting your best face forward!  Mommy Chick met Georgie back when she used to get paid to talk on TV.  In fact, one of the first things George ever said to MC was, "Gal, you need to darken your eyebrows."

George works with the Miss America Organization.  Here is a little snapshot for you.  He is on the far right.  He's there with Miss Kentucky, who was fourth runner-up this year.  George painted her for the pageant.  That's my Auntie Cocoa, Ericka Dunlap, Miss Amercia 2004.  George also does her face.

Now I totally get that you don't want to walk around all red-lipped and fake lashed in the pick up line at pre-school.  So here's the deal...take THREE MINUTES and make yourself look fab.

"Just put a light crease in your eye, swipe on two coats of mascara, darken your brows a bit and finish with a sheer lip gloss," George says.

What should you avoid?

"I see moms running around in way too many frosted eye colors," says George.

Got that?  Ix-nay on the ost-fray.

If you want to get all crazy and take an extra 20 seconds, use a nice dual finish powder.  Lancome makes a great one.  MC has used it for about 15 years.  Sometimes I lick her face and it doesn't taste too bad.

Lancome Dual Finish Versatile Powder Makeup 0.67oz/19g Matte Buff II
Here are a few other products we like.  Clinique makes a pretty eyeshadow trio for $22.  MC uses Blushing Nude.  Milani makes the dreamiest lipgloss you will ever taste wear.  And is super cheap.  You can order online or buy it at a drugstore.  Seriously, it's amazing and is only $3.49.  Think of all the extra money you can put in your monkey's college fund (or plastic surgery fund...we're not judging)!

Milani Crystal Gloss for Lips, Secret 12 .17 oz (4.86 g)

And drum roll please...this, George says, is the product every mommy must have:  Maybelline Great Lash.

Maybelline Great Lash Mascara, Very Black (6 Mascaras)

MC is not a proponent of the Cry it Out method, but does let me fuss so she can have time to do her face.  Here's a little something George wants you to ponder if you claim you can't spare three minutes for yourself.

"Do you really have time to go through life looking like a mess?"

Tomorrow we talk hair and we'll find out what type of ponytail Barbie would never wear (and neither should you).


  1. Great post. Will have to try that mascara. Am always spending tons trying different department store brands because I like to make my lashes look super dramatic. Good point on the eye shadow. I have been in denial over the sparkly shadow! I still LOVE it! I should have read your post before I put mine on today!!!

  2. MC uses shimmer sometimes...just don't go crazy with it!