Monday, March 29, 2010

Chicco Crib Toy and All Night Party

Mommy Chick and I are dragging today.  Maybe we have a case of "the Mondays."  I always hear people say that, but am not really sure what it means.  I wonder if we need a nasal swab for a definitive diagnosis.

Anyway, I've been sleeping in my beautiful crib like a big girl. MC and I loved co-sleeping.  She likes sniffing my head while I sleep, which I think is totally creepy.  Can you imagine waking up to someone inhaling your aroma?  Weird, but worth it to have access to the all-night buffet.

Anyway, MC's Gay Mother-in-Law (my Fairy Godfather's Mommy) worked for me one night while MC and Daddy Dude went on a hot date.  When they came home, Grandma Jean was chillaxin'.  MC asked where I was, and she said, in her Boston accent, "She's in her crib.  Where else would she be?"

Thank god someone finally figured out that I'd like a little "me time" and room to stretch my long legs.  And I've slept in there all night every night since.

Until last night.

Around midnight, MC and DD heard a concerto.  I was playing my piano.  In my sleep.  With my head.

Chicco Sleep and Play Musical Puppy Crib Toy

Normally, I love to compose on my Chicco Sleep and Play toy.  It allows me to express my creativity, while MC indulges in life's finer things, like peeing or unloading the dishwasher.

But it scared me last night in the dark, so MC moved me into her bed for the night, where just like old times, I binged like Meredith Baxter Birney in a bad Lifetime movie.

So we are tired.  And looking forward to our own space tonight.

Happy Monday.

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  1. Omg! Adorable as always. Isla, I think mommy booby trapped your crib bc she misses co-sleeping with you!