Monday, March 8, 2010

From Frump to FabuMommy! Active Wear!

Happy Monday!  Mommy Chick and I are so excited about the fabulous weather today.  We typically go to the park on Mondays.  I'll probably try out that swing thing again today.

We like to look casual chic at the park, so we often sport active wear.  Sometimes we call it "work out wear," but that seems silly if we aren't actually sweating.

So how do you look hip rather than frump in your active wear?  I think it all comes down to footwear.  I don't personally have a lot of shoes yet, since I can't actually walk.  I mainly stick to socks.

But, you don't want to be like Britney at the Gas Station, so you need to wear shoes.  Check out this look from Lucky Brand.  And again, notice the feet.  The model is wearing yoga pants.  But, she pairs them with cute sandals and a sassy denim jacket.  You can shop this look here.  The pants are $59.50.

You can also do a legging with a cute little ballet flat, like this:

MC and I love all things sparkly.  She covets Mystique sandals.  These little flip flops will jazz up any pair of yoga pants.  They are $135.  You can order them online.  We think Neiman Marcus used to carry them in their stores, but couldn't find them on their website.  Let us know if you find them In Real Life.

That wraps up my series!  If you'd like to know more about any of our topics, leave it in the comments.  I've gotten some interesting reader mail I'll be sharing.

Two words, people:  Knee Socks.

We'll be talking about that toward the end of the week.


  1. Great look!! The sandals are extremely cute!! And oooooo mom has had a couple snakes in her house too...eeeeew...I've been walking around with my head down lately looking at the ground. hahahaha

  2. Can't wait 'til MM opens the Prada bag and starts answering all of her fan mail!

  3. Those are some really cute picks! I love it!