Sunday, March 7, 2010

Can We Join Your Mommy Group?

I hope you've had a great weekend.  I've practiced my modeling a lot lately.  Tyra says you should really get to know your face by posing in front of the mirror.

I call this one, "Whatchoo Talkin' About Willis?"

And that was my reaction when Mommy Chick told me she's on the hunt for a Mommy Baby group for us.  I mean, I think it would be pretty cool to meet some more babies.  They could probably teach me how to puke into MC's mouth.  I've gotten close, but clearly my technique is lacking.

So MC showed me the application she sent to one group.  The group sounds like a good fit for us...the mommies like natural childbirth, boobie buffets, snuggling with babies all night, and those doctors like Daddy Dude.

I was pretty excited until she read to me what she listed as her interests:  reading, writing, blogging (way to take credit for my hobby, lady), natural childbirth, attachment parenting (I know, it all sounds pretty good, huh).

Then I saw the final "interest" on her list:

Being Fabulous

Do you think think that is an appropriate interest for a Mommy Group and would you approve our membership?

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  1. I think being fabulous should be listed on every application, every time.