Thursday, March 4, 2010

From Frump to FabuMommy! Our Fav Jeans

I trust that you now know whether or not you are wearing Mom Jeans.  I started to say "rocking" Mom Jeans, but realized that is an oxymoron.  Yes, I'm five months old and know some pretty big words.  Impressive for someone who poops in her pants, huh?

Here are my top three jeans for you to try.  I promise you will look hot, and who knows, maybe it will lead to yet another Monkey Baby.  Wink wink.

This is the America Eagle Outfitter Favorite Boyfriend Jean.  Mommy Chick first tried AEO jeans in 2006 after In Style Magazine raved about them.  We like...and your budget will, too, at $29.50.

We also like the Lucky Brand Lola Bootleg.  I am biased because MC tried to get Daddy Dude to name me Lola.  That was nixed, then she moved on to Harlow.  Obviously neither won, and I'm now Monkey.  Anyway, the Lola is $99.

If you feel like investing a bit more in your jeans, try Joe's Jeans Honey Cut.  MC read that Beyonce loves these, so you know they're good.  And look at that model.  She so does not look like a frump.  I dare you to stand like that on the playground.  And if you send me a picture of it, I'll find a prize for you.

Happy shopping!  Let us know how amazing you look in your new dungarees.  I'm practicing being elderly by using words like that.  Next, I'll refer to the couch as a davenport.

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  1. What does MM say about jeans that are too long to be worn with flats? Roll them up or buy jeans that are the correct length for flats and flip-flops? Her advice would be much appreciated :)