Tuesday, March 2, 2010

From Frump to FabuMommy: A Visit From the Hair Guru Part 2

Is your ponytail appropriately positioned?  If you're not sure, check out Part 1 of A Visit From the Hair Guru.  I would hate for you to be running around looking all Martina Navratilova and not know it.

Arnie Owens, Hair Guru to Many FabuMommies, is back to discuss the foundation of your FabuHair:  cut and color.  I anticipate needing a haircut sometime in 2012.  You will probably need one sooner.  Mommy Chick gets some trim action about every eight weeks.

MC would love to go more often, but apparently it is illegal to crate me with boobie milk in one of those hamster bottles.  So she needs to maximize the life of her cut.  You can, too!

"So many factors such as length, texture (fine, medium, coarse), curly, wavey, or straight hair, and density (thin, normal, or thick hair). In general, I think that a cut with a nominal amount of layering and texturizing would be the most flattering and last the longest." Arnie says.

Notice what he didn't say is the most flattering.

"I think the Mom Bob is the biggest hair mistake I seem women make."

I am offering this old school pic of MC, circa 2003, as an example of a Mom-ish bob.  She is the one on the right.  If your hair is shaped like a bell, then it might be a Mom Bob.  This is right after MC began growing out her hair because my Fairy Godfather told her to.  She will be embarrassed that I showed you this.  BTW, that baby is my friend, Brendan, who is BFF's with Patrick Dempsey.


This next part is for you with the all one-shade yellow hair and weirdly-spaced highlights.  I'm only five months old, but I can totally tell you do your own color.  I know Beyonce prances around on TV talking about her multi-prismatic hair, but I'll bet my "ring on it" that Beyonce has never colored her own hair.

And neither should you.  Arnie says if you can't afford professional hair color, then you are going to the wrong salon.

"Seriously, professional hair color can be cost effective if the client communicates clearly with the stylist what they are looking for as far as color and maintenance, and they need to listen when the stylist gives them options. Hair color comes in some many different forms that a good stylist can find a color and color technique for almost every client."

For example, MC only gets full color two or three times a year.  In between, Arnie gives her either a partial foil or this magical little thing called "breaking the base."  It's very cost effective and keeps her blondalicious, the way God and Vidal Sassoon intended.

Do you have a question for Arnie?  Leave it in the comments.