Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Vintage is Delicious

I love to combine old and new!  Check out this yummy little green ensemble.  The cardigan is vintage.  Not only is it chic, but it is tasty, too.  I also have a yellow one.  They were gifts for Mommy Chick when she was a Bald Monkey Baby!  Actually, she wasn't bald.  She had hair like Adam Lambert.  See...I have photographic evidence.  Keep your comments about my Nana's stylin' plaid couch to yourself.

  I've paired my vintage cardigan with cute little yoga pants and a matching top from  The Children's Place.  They are on sale for $5 right now and come in oodles of fun colors!  I picked up three pair yesterday and consider them a nice basic for my day wear collection.  I wouldn't wear them to dinner with Kim Kardashian should I be invited, but they are perfect for casual events.

The Children's Place Girls Yoga Pants Sizes 6m - 4t

The Children's Place Girls Polka Dot Yoga Top Shirt Sizes 6m - 4t

Here's how they look in action at the park.  I'm kind of getting the hang of this swing thing.  Notice how the bell sleeves of my sweater catch the wind, just like an Olympic ski jumper, or whatever they are called.

I will give you fair warning, however, that you might be mistaken for a boy in this outfit.  A nice lady stopped MC today and exclaimed, "He (sic) so handsome!"  I guess that is better than the "Hey big fella," I got a few weeks ago.

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