Tuesday, March 2, 2010

From Frump to FabuMommy: A Visit From the Hair Guru!

Have you ever set your hair on fire?  Mommy Chick sent her locks up in flames less than a month before her fabulous Hawaiian wedding!  She still gets a little defensive about it, so I'm not completely clear on all the details.

But the gist is, she was practicing making big tousled waves.  So naturally she cranked her curling iron up to 500 degrees.  And oh yeah, she then blasted an alcohol-based spray onto her hair.  Ooops.

Anyway, my point is that this could have been a big, fat crisis.  I mean she burned off a huge chunk of her sweepy bang, and the flames (yes, actual flames) left behind orange stripes.  But it wasn't a crisis because MC has the most amazing hair guru!  He erased all traces of her Tony the Tiger hair!

And today the amazing Arnie Owens is our very special guest star!  I was a little afraid he would judge me because I am bald and therefore decline my request.   You can learn all about Arnie here.

Yesterday we talked about the Three Minute Face.  So today, Arnie tells us how you have great hair with limited time.

So if you only have 10 minutes to spend, what should you do?

"Do something to keep it from being frizzy like adding a light spray of shine spray or a small drop of gloss drops. If you have bangs of any sort, blowdry and style them."

We all know mommies dig ponytails, and MC is no exception.  First, it's quick.  Second, it makes it harder for me to pull or puke in.  So how do you make it sassy rather than gym teacher-esque?

"Consider running a very large barrel curling iron through the pony tail, it will smooth it and gives the ends just a little bend. Keep the sides and top soft looking by using a working hairspray versus a hard hold spray," Arnie says.

He adds that a ponytail should never be lower than the occipital bone.  So shoot for the middle of your head.  And skip the bobby pins holding in stray pieces.  He actually shuddered when I asked him that.

So why no low ponytail?

"Have you ever seen Barbie in a low ponytail?" he asks.

Coming up later today, Arnie tells us how to find the best cut and why you can afford professional hair color.


  1. Fab post, darling!
    Love the high ponytail!


  2. hi! following you from MBC.

  3. I have never liked the low pony tail. I love the Alterna Hemp products...I am using some of them now.