Friday, November 13, 2009

When Divas Unite

Fabulous minds think alike! Today I met my Auntie Cocoa for the first time. Mommy Chick wanted to dress me to impress, so we opted for my velour, leopard print ensemble from H & M. Yes, H & M has baby clothes and maternity clothes. Who knew? Look what happened:

Auntie Cocoa showed up to lunch in her own little leopard get up!

Note to anyone considering leopard print: My tiny swing coat features cat ears on the hood. Do not combine animal ears/animal print if you are over the age of 18 months. That is, unless it is Halloween and you are a slut. Then it is expected of you.

Mommy Chick wants you to cheer for Auntie Cocoa on CBS's "The Amazing Race."

Her real name is Ericka, but she requested that I call her Auntie Cocoa. I obliged as a diva-to-diva courtesy.


  1. Monkey Mae, I absolutely love your blog! It's very entertaining and educating!

  2. Love it! I hope Ericka is doing well! I have been watching her on Amazing Race!

  3. Thank you! Let me know if you'd like my take on any particular trend. I will make my assistant, Mommy Chick, research it.

  4. Just fabulous!!! H&M has such cute baby clothes...if only I had a baby.