Thursday, November 26, 2009

Many Gratitudes

Mommy Chick says on Thanksgiving, we tell everyone for what we are thankful. We are most thankful for my health. I made my debut into the world with infected fluid in my lungs. This is what I looked like when MC held me for the first time a few hours after birth.

I recovered very quickly. The respiratory therapist said I was easier to "jump start" because I came into the world drug free. MC did a really awesome method called Hynobirthing. If you have any questions about Hypno, leave them in the comment section. MC loves to help other women and babies learn about peaceful births.

So I'm very grateful that MC passed on the drugs so that I could have the best possible start in life.

See how glamorous and healthy I look now?

I am oh-so-thankful for Daddy Dude for putting up with all of our shenanigans and working so hard so we can play and sing songs all day. And I cannot forget to give thanks for my furry brothers, especially the one who looks like Carol Channing.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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