Friday, November 27, 2009

My Dirty Secret

I hope you all are recovering nicely from Thanksgiving. I loved my starring role at dinner yesterday! All the flashes were blinding. It truly was like walking the red carpet! I showed my Papa how to work it for the camera, just like on America's Next Top Model.

So apparently on Thanksgiving, you are supposed to eat so much that your pants burst open. I conveniently wore an elastic waistband. However, I ate so much that I yacked in Mommy Chick's hair as she was sipping from her Waterford crystal.

MC's hair is her kryptonite. So she was very happy to discover TiGi Rockaholic Dirty Secret Dry shampoo.

I like it because it smells like fruit and MC can freshen her puke hair without even putting me down.

We found a Black Friday special at You can get 20% off your order with code 6291. That puts a 6.3 ounce bottle at $14.70 versus $18.99.

I think MC should take advantage and order an entire case.

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