Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Thanksgiving is now at my house! Usually we have it at my Gigi and Papa's house, but they are doing some work on their house, so I get to host.

I've been working on a one-woman Thanksgiving show, in which I play a Native American, a Pilgrim and a giant Macy's Parade balloon. So being at home will more easily facilitate my multiple costume changes.

My Auntie Carmella Marcella Garcia, who is a very nice drag queen, always says that all proper southern ladies have china. We are nothing if not proper, so here is a gander at our Noritake Silver Palace.

The turkey that MC ordered from the Honey Baked Ham store will look beautiful on the Noritake serving platter. Don't tell anyone that we are not actually making a turkey. MC flirts with vegetarianism, so if she has to touch anything called "giblets" it will be a bad day for everyone.

I'll wrap up today with a Thanksgiving gratitude: I'm thankful for my family who loves me so much...and for great bone structure.

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