Sunday, November 15, 2009

Happy Eight Week Birthday to Me!

Yay! I've been on the outside for eight weeks now! This is a picture from the day I busted out of the womb.

Don't tell Mommy Chick I showed you this picture. She doesn't like to look at pictures of me from the hospital. I had some fluid in my lungs and had to do a stint in the NICU, but am healthy like a moose now.

Mommy Chick and I watched a lot of E! True Hollywood Story while I was in-utero. So when I woke up in the hospital, I thought I was someplace fabulous, like Promises, the glamorous rehab center in Malibu. But there were no celebrity babies in the NICU for me to romance, just a mean nurse who screwed up one of my feeding tubes.

Hey, Nurse Lady, here's a tip: If you are going to suck at your job, at least try to look good while doing it. I heard Mommy Chick say that. She used to be one of the ladies who tells the weather on TV, so she knows all about people who look good but suck at their job.

The main reason I wanted to show you that picture is so you could see how gorgeous I looked, even while intubated.

I'm smiling with my eyes. I think Tyra would be impressed!

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