Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Donna Martin Graduates!

Sometimes Mommy Chick wears Tori Spelling's old clothes.

Do you remember about three years ago when Tori, aka "Donna Martin," sold a bunch of her clothes on Ebay? I, of course, do not, because I am only two months old. But Mommy Chick remembers, mainly because she was crazy enough to buy something.

Mommy Chick scored a cute, aqua C & C California dress. She mainly uses it as a swimsuit cover and now really loves their casual, chic designs. I would take a picture to show you, but Mommy Chick will not let me because it is crumpled up in a drawer somewhere.

Imagine our delight when we stumbled upon C & C California children's clothes. We found these little shirts at in a variety of sassy colors for $36.

I think it would be perfect with skinny jeans made by Little Maven (Tori Spelling's line). You can get these at Bloomingdales ( for $30, starting in size 6 months.