Sunday, November 15, 2009

Celebrity Encounter

So yesterday I met an international superstar. Perhaps you have heard of him.

His name is Santa and he must like me, because he said he will bring me gifts soon. A lot of people have been giving me gifts, so he actually is a bit late. Better late than never, I suppose.
Santa and I met at the Orlando Museum of Art's Festival of Trees. Even though it is early, some of the people there broke out their holiday wear.

Repeat after me...Step away from the Christmas sweater, unless your name is Bill Cosby and you have a pudding pop for me.

Mommy Chick talks about "thinking outside the box" when it comes to fashion. I wanted to wear pointy elf shoes for my upcoming holiday photo shoot, but we compromised on this. I think I'm a little bit in love with it.

This is from Most of the tutu's are about $20, and they are made to order. So that means Mommy Chick needs to stop watching "D*ck in a Box" all the time on Youtube and order my tutu!

Just because I'm suspending your ugly sweater privileges doesn't mean you can't don your gay apparel (Mommy Chick made me say that. She is obsessed with anything gay). Check out these fun transfers for $8:

Mommy Chick has a blingy candy cane on a pink tee! You can find these at If you are too lazy to stick them on a shirt yourself, they will kindly do it for you for around $20-$22.

Tomorrow we'll talk about what to wear to your company party. It is important to look your best while drinking too much and doing the robot in front of your CEO.


  1. OO I am going to check out that rhinestone site!

  2. Do they make those tutu's in adult sizes? or would that be inappropriate! What a cute first picture with santa! I have one of Patrick screaming...good times!

  3. Oh I NEED to know what to wear to my holiday party (where I most definitely plan to drink far too much) this girl out!