Friday, January 8, 2010

Strasburg Dresses on Sale

You guys know that I'm still new to this "living on the outside" thing, so sometimes Mommy Chick and I need a little guidance. That's where my Auntie Dill comes in handy. She has two monkeys of her own, ages six and ten. So when we were visiting her last week, she took us to Dillards to check out their Strasburg sale. Apparently, they are a must-have for chic little ladies.

MC and I immediately spied this silk turquoise Chloe dress. I think it will really make my eyes POP in my four month photo shoot. It's part of the Holiday Collection, but since it doesn't have a big Elf head on it, I'm comfortable wearing it now.

Because it is considered a seasonal item, I scored it for $36. If you go to the Strasburg website, it is $71.98 marked down fro $129.

You know the best part of these Strasburg dresses? They make matching dresses for American Girl dolls. The America Girl marketing people are genius. I so cannot wait to bankrupt MC and Daddy Dude by coordinating with all my dolls.

The matching Chloe doll dress is on sale for $23.98 from $43.00. The website says it fits "popular 18 inch dolls" and will "make special memories." Hee hee, special memories of food stamps.

I saw MC measuring our Shih Tzu, Piglet Faberge. He should be very, very afraid.


  1. That dress is precious!

    Following back from MBC. :)

  2. has anyone seen the sister dress like this? i need a 12! if you see it, pls call me ! 706-464-2002