Friday, January 8, 2010

New Native Doll Sling

One of the highlights of my recent trip was chillaxin' with my cousin, Banana. She is simply fabulous. In fact, I'm considering yanking her out of school and employing her as my nanny. She is what my Nana would call "a good worker."

Here, I'll use it in a sentence for you:

Nana: "I hired Bob from down the street to clean out the garage. He is a good worker."
Nana: "I will never hire John's Plumbing again. Those guys were not very good workers."

Anna loved feeding me on my Boppy and helping Mommy Chick change my diapers. My Auntie Dill was telling MC that since we left, Banana has been cosleeping with her dolls and feeding them on couch pillows. And she loved jaunting around town with me in my sling.

So I'm pretty excited about this little gem: New Native makes doll slings!
They're $19 and I think I will send her one for her birthday in April!

Remember, you can also help mommies who cannot afford slings by visiting New Native's Friends of Bonding. Everyone should have the opportunity to wear their is truly the ultimate accessory!


  1. what a cute and affordable sling! and what a great cause to donate to mommies that can't afford the little things in life. Thanks for stopping by my blog I'm following you now. Happy blogging!

  2. My daughter would absolutely love a doll sling, thanks for the info on that!! Aren't aunties, and all the little helpers...aka good workers;) so wonderful to be around?!