Monday, January 25, 2010

Eat in Style with Sparkly Spoons!

So I totally took advantage of Mommy Chick's busy schedule lately and have been  slacking big time.  But it looks like the jig is up, because today she noticed I failed to post over the weekend.  I swear, she is just like Kathie Lee running a sweatshop here!

Since the last time we spoke, I've been working on a new adventure:  solid food!  I use the term "solid" lightly.  MC takes these little organic flakes, mixes them with boobie milk, and calls it breakfast.  I think they are kind of yummy.

This new skill inspired me to shop for dining accessories and I found some blingy spoons at Cutie Patuttie!  They are $17.95 and come in three colors:  white, green, and pink.  I really like the green for myself since avocados are next on my "to do" list. The white is great for boys.  I bet Diddy uses them at his annual White Party in the Hamptons.

Daddy Dude is making homemade organic food for me.  He's finding recipes at Wholesome Baby Food and in the book Super Baby Food.  I noticed some little orange cubes in the freezer.  They are either jello shots to help MC get through the day or sweet potatoes.  I'll sample them and get back to you.