Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I'm Back!

Wow...Mommy Chick and I had a fabulous time visiting our family. Now we are happy to be home with my furry brothers.

I told you we took a jaunt to the Zappos outlet in Kentucky. I was a bit disappointed because they were really lacking in shoes my size. However, I did scope out some styles I'll enjoy when my feet get a little bigger.

Did you know Roberto Cavalli makes kids shoes? I tried to get my cousin Banana to buy these. I even told her MC would foot (get it, "foot"?) the bill. She is quite a stubborn Banana.

MC scored some sassy Taryn Rose wedges. She paid $156 and they started out $455. They are similar to these and she'll wear them with jeans when we go shopping and to lunch with our friends.

The really cool part is that Taryn Rose is actually Dr. Taryn Rose. She's an orthopedic surgeon, so I'm pretty sure MC could comfortably jog in these. But since she doesn't like to sweat, that probably won't happen.

I was pretty amazed at the selection of footwear for the men in my life. Check out these Kenneth Cole Reaction loafers. They are $39.95 and come in both infant and toddler sizes. They are perfect for the small metrosexual in your life.