Friday, January 29, 2010

Look Chic at the Park

Today is Piglet's fifth birthday.  Mommy Chick suggested we go to the park to celebrate, which totally made no sense since we did not take Piglet with us.  I guess his gift was enjoying some peace and quiet without some crazy lady dressing him up in little doggie Polo shirts.

I like to live on the edge, so I tried out that swing contraption they have.  I'm kind of on the fence about.  It seems fun in theory, but is a little weird.  Maybe I'll try again soon.

If you look past my annoyed facial expression, you'll see I'm quite casual chic for our outing.  I'm wearing a basic denim mini skirt over leggings.  It's similar to this one, which you can get at Target for a $9.99.  Since I consider this to be a very trendy piece, I don't want to invest a lot of money in it.

Xhilaration Black IG SG Skirt - 12M

It's kind of embarrassing, but I often wear a bib, even when not eating.  MC says I drool a lot.  Today I'm wearing a Juicy Couture bib.  You can get a pack of three for $40.

I can't wait until MC is old and in the home.  I'm going to make her wear a bib and a diaper when I walk her around the park.

As Not Really My Father Justin Timberlake says, "what goes around, goes around, goes around, comes all the way back around."

She'll see.


  1. As a mom, I started hanging my baby in that park swing as soon as she could hold her little head up. She grew to be a daring swinger, enjoying up to an hour of baby swing time per outing. I think you (and your mom) are really going to love it. Plus you look very chic in there.

  2. So funny! Wow! $40 on pieces of cloth meant to drool on? I would say you're stylin' for sure! LOL! ;-) mymiracles77