Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fun at Auto Shows

Some of Mommy Chick's friends are freezing in Detroit right now for the North American International Auto Show.  As I previously told you, MC and I were once"product specialists" for a major auto manufacturer.

Our days consisted of smiling and talking about horsepower, all while wearing pointy high heels.  Our shoes were actually pretty comfortable, made by BCBG.   If you're looking for some sassy high heels that will only make your feet bleed a little after standing for 12 hours, we recommend these.  They are $80.01 at Zappos.

If you've ever wondered about a "day in the life" of an auto show "specialist," check out this funny blog, Do You Come with the Car?

Oh, the memories!


  1. Omg 12 hours in heels! Memories from my life as a much less glamorous HR manager!! Now more like 12 hours with spit up and flip flops or skechers LOL

  2. Thank you for the blog love! I'd love to hear some stories of your auto show days!

  3. Ha...nothing better than trying to hide a pregnancy while almost puking on the cars! Good times!