Monday, January 18, 2010

Mix and Match Patterns

Mommy Chick reads a lot of blogs to me, including Couture Carrie.  CC's mommy was very insightful to include "couture" in her name.

Anyway, I read that mixing and matching patterns is a big trend right now, so I decided to try it.  Today I'm wearing flowers and polka dots!  I'm also chewing on my delicious fingers.  Wonder if that is the next big trend?

This outfit is by Carter's and would fit into my "casual-day wear category."  I might wear it to the grocery store or maybe to the gym daycare center.

If I were heading for sushi, I might wear something like this daisy onesie by Poshtots.  It's $47 and is made-to-order.

I could pair it with some striped leggings like these by Baby Nay.  They are $20.
Baby Nay *Big Citizen* Light Pink Striped Leggings 18m
I don't like to brag, but very few people can wear a shirt tucked into horizontally-striped leggings.  OK, maybe I do like to brag.  Wouldn't you?

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