Thursday, January 28, 2010

Doggie Birthday Cakes

My Ewok turns five tomorrow.  That's 35 in human years, so I have no idea why he still lives with us and why he doesn't have a job.  His main job seems to be licking lotion off my toes, which feels kind of cool.

This is Piglet when he was my age, about four or five months old, chilling on his little dog chaise.  Now he is too big to fit on it, so we gave it to my grandma for her cats.

Mommy Chick usually orders Piglet a custom birthday cake.  It takes about two weeks and they airbrush your dog's picture onto it!  It's always a big crowd pleaser and pretty much confirms that MC is bit kookie.  This year, she forgot to order it, but we haven't told Piglet yet.

This is what we usually get.  It's from My Best Friend's Pet Treats.  A 6" cake is $32.99.  You can choose between peanut butter and carob-fudge.  The icing is made from yogurt.  And they must be delicious, because one year at Piglet's party, the dogs had to be separated during cake time because a small scuffle broke out.


MC is calling and ordering this today from Pookies Bow Wow Bakery.  A small "pawty" cake is $13.99.  It's banana cake with peanut butter icing and cream cheese piping.  That sounds a heck of a lot better than those bland little organic flakes I've been getting lately.

For his actual gift, he'll probably get his favorite thing in the world:  carrots.  I already told MC that carrots will not fly on my birthday.  I want cash money merchandise.  And real monkeys at my party.  And I want to arrive in a helicopter, just like on My Super Sweet Sixteen.  I have eight months to plan, so let me know if you have any ideas.

I'm pretty sure MC will go for anything and once MC is on board, Daddy Dude is a slam dunk.

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