Thursday, December 3, 2009

What Goes Around Comes Around

Bet you saw the title and thought this was about Tiger, huh?

Nope, today Mommy Chick is teaching me all about the basics of style. Now I know that fashion is cyclical and most trends revisit us.

However, this is VERY important! If you've previously worn a trend, make sure to vary it on the next go round. So that means if "neck cheese" (you know, food stuck in fat rolls) is hip five years from now, I will wear it differently.

MC wore leggings in high school. And she is wearing leggings AT THIS VERY MOMENT! You know what she is not wearing with her leggings? Sam and Libby bow shoes and mall bangs. Instead, she's wearing hip boots and a sweater dress.

My favorite look in leggings right now is denim.

These are by 7 For All Mankind and retail for $185.

We also like these denim-look leggings by INC at Macys. They are a bit more budget-friendy at $39. That super cute sweater tunic is on sale today for $59.25, reduced from $79.

These are fun for you mini-fashionistas. They are by Flowers by Zoe and we found them at Bloomindales for $34.

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