Monday, December 21, 2009

Shopping Success!

Remember I told you my Guncle Chris was coming to town for our annual shopping extravaganza? Well he surprised me and brought his sister Princess Jasmine and her dreamy husband! Even better than that, we found lots of good loot...on sale.

I loved my Baby Gap experience (minus the stroller traffic jam in there) and am now the proud owner of skinny jeans and a furry vest. Not everyone can pull off skinny jeans, but they really work on my apple-bottom-diaper butt.

The vest is normally $26, we we snagged it for $22.99.

These jeans are $25. I know they must be high end, because the tag says they are made in Pakistan. I like to pronounce it "Pock-uh-Stawn" like President Obama says. Mommy Chick says he only started pronouncing it like that after he became president.

MC scored the Michael Kors Bromley boot for herself. It is an over the knee boot with a flat heel, so she'll still look respectable at play groups. It retails for $250, but we found it at Macys for $159. If Daddy Dude had answered his phone to give us his Macys card number, we would have gotten it for $129, but he was busy playing golf.
The absolute highlight of the day was binging on boobie milk in my awesome New Native sling. Check out the man next to us on a bench. He is clueless that I am feasting on Starbucks flavored milk!
If you visit New Native's website, you can also donate to "The Friends of Bonding." It is a group that helps provides slings and carriers to mommies who cannot afford them. That way, they can bond with their monkeys and amuse their friends by breastfeeding in front of unwitting strangers. That's what I call a "win win situation"!

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  1. Millenia is always fun!!I hoping Santa got me some Michael Kors loot as well.