Thursday, December 17, 2009


I'm back! Sorry I was MIA for a few days. I checked out some child labor laws, and threatened to call the authorities on Mommy Chick if she did not give me a day off from writing.

While I was taking a break, there was some major breaking news here. You probably don't know this, buy Mommy Chick HATES Crocs. She is obsessed with how much she dislikes them. So that's why it made me giggle when I saw that she had to wear these Monday on a job where she played a doctor. Not very McDreamy, huh?

Since MC felt so violated, I decided to surprise her by ordering these Heelarious shoes for myself.

This is the "Brooke" style. It's $30 and fits newborns through six months. I was excited to see they've added fab teething rings. I'm hoping Santa brings me one, because I am starting to teeth and feel silly chewing on a big, frozen butterfly.
The credit-card teether is $10. I think it would be nice for boys, too, to prepare them for being good husbands.

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