Saturday, December 19, 2009

Our Wish List

This is a big weekend in my short life. Tomorrow my Guncle Chris comes to town for our annual holiday shopping extravaganza. The way Mommy Chick explained it is that we go shopping under the guise of buying for others, but really get a bunch of loot for ourselves. I'm already learning the true meaning of Christmas!

MC and I have been doing some pre-shopping this morning at She tells me it's always best to have a plan.

We both love our Juicy diaper bag, but MC would like something sassy to organize her stuff inside my giant bag of diapers, wipes, toys, etc. We kind of dig this Tory Burch wristlet for $155. It's just big enough for cash, credit cards, and lip gloss.

Mommy is also on the hunt for shoes. She gasped when she got an eyeful of these Diane von Furstenburg sandals featuring, gasp, peacock feathers! They are $195 and would probably be way too much temptation for my cats, the Pussy Brothers.

Guncle Chris is going to help style me for my upcoming air travel debut. We wonder if he'll like these Ralph Lauren croc-embossed flats for $60?

Poor dead crocodile.

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