Saturday, December 5, 2009

Designer Baby Golf Wear!

Today is Daddy Dude-Daughter Day!

And sometimes that means I scream at Daddy Dude while he text messages Mommy Chick. We've promised not to do that today.

Daddy Dude loves to play golf. So I'm learning about the sport so we can have our own special thing we do together. Kind of like how MC and I read TMZ and braid each other's hair. What? Are you implying I don't have enough hair to braid?

I've learned quite a bit about golf in the last week or so. Like if your husband is bad, you should chase him with a golf club. I bet Elin Nordegren looked fabulous while running behind the Escalade swinging that wedge! (BTW...we predict a surge in Elin-esque platinum hair, kind of like when Princess Diana died and everyone got that haircut).

I'm most excited about golf fashion! Did you know you can buy new clothes under the guise of "playing golf"?

I can't decide between these golf slippers...

Or these golf socks...

Both are from Designer Baby Golf Gifts. The slippers are $12.95 and the socks are $26.50.

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