Thursday, December 24, 2009

Travel in Style

Merry Christmas Eve! I'm getting so excited for my trip tomorrow. Mommy Chick has been doing lots of planning about how best to jaunt through the airport with me.

As you know, MC and I are big advocates of "baby wearing." It helps with bonding and feeding. MC likes that wearing me covers her tummy. She's says it is still a bit rounder than normal.

We've decided I'll chill in the airport in my Baby Bjorn. We have The Original and love it. It's just under $80 at Babys R Us.

MC is absolutely kicking herself for not discovering these gorgeous Baby Bjorn slip covers earlier. They are by Baby Bella Maya and are so much chicer than the plain old Baby Bjorn. This is my favorite, pink champagne. You'll seem classier if you pronounce it "sham-PAG-nee."
Check out that little baby model. I can tell by the look on her face that she is pretty impressed with herself and those little matching shoes. You can get those for $10. Right now, they are out of my size (0-6 mos), but they should be in stock in January.

I don't want to leave out my little boy peeps. So I found these Coco Blue shoes for you, also at Baby Bella Maya. They are on clearance for $7, so snap to it.

What? You think they look girly? Don't worry. The chicks will dig them. I should know.


  1. Oh wow! I never liked the baby bjorn carriers because of how ugly they are but seeing that slipcover...I might just have to get one now. :)

  2. Thanks for the links! I just ordered the Coco Blue shoes for my two friends who are due next month!