Friday, December 11, 2009

I'm a Public Speaker

You probably thought I was just a prolific writer. I've branched out and am now on the public speaking circuit. Last night Mommy Chick, Daddy Dude and I went to talk at a Hypnobirthing graduation. If you know any babies who are still "on the inside," you should send them some information about Hypnobirthing.

It's a cool technique that teaches Mommies and babies how to work together to evict the baby gently. MC and I did it like rock stars. That's why we were invited to speak about our experience last night.

One thing MC confessed is that she wore false eyelashes and lip gloss for the coming out party. She also got a blow out (not the kind I had in my panties yesterday at Starbucks).

MC also thinks hospital gowns are super ugly. That's why we like Binsi. They make cute and comfortable labor couture! This skirt is on sale now for $25, reduced from $40.

You should try to look fab for when you meet your baby. Hospital gowns are for sick people, not Birth Goddesses!

Don't forget the gloss. You can win some of the same gloss MC wore during labor here.

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