Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day, Juicy Stroller and Elin Woods

This is my first V-Day on the outside.  Last year at this time I was the size of a cumquat living in Mommy Chick's tummy.

MC and I went to the mall looking for Daddy Dude something fabulous.  We love to shop in what we call the "gay section" of the Macys men's department.  You know how we know it's the gay section?

This is how we know:  skinny jeans and a canary yellow cardigan.  DD would totally rock this Jonas Brothers look if MC wanted him to, but she tries to use her power for good, not evil.

We didn't go to just any mall...we went to the really fabulous mall.  You know, the one that has all the luxury stores, but that is not even the best part.  Not only is this the mall where Tiger Woods allegedly hooked up with pancake waitresses at the Blue Martini, but this is the mall where his beautiful wife, Elin, is often spotted shopping

I was prepared to possibly run into her, and then she and MC would become best friends.  I wore my little Trumpette Mary Jane Socks as to make a good first impression.

Trumpette Mary Jane Box Set - Pastels 0-12 Months
Anyway, Elin didn't get to meet us today.  But you know what we did see?  The Maclaren Juicy Couture stroller, live and in action!  It had a real baby in it and everything.  The baby was crying and clearly did not appreciate the glory in which his mother was pushing him.

Yep, him.  It was a toddler boy zipping around the mall in this yummy, pink stroller.  I'm so not judging, but I think the look would be complete with some skinny jeans and a little guyliner.

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