Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Part 3 of 100 Things About Me

More fascinating facts:

51.  My favorite look is skinny jeans.
52.  I have two pair.
53.  I don't have eyebrows.
54.  Or much hair.
55.  My limited hair was light brown when I was born.
56.  Now it is turning blonde.
57.  I love big hair accessories.
58.  I'm often mistaken for a boy.
59.  I was even called "big guy" while wearing a pink shirt and bib.
60.  Mommy Chick and I love Tori Spelling's kid clothing line.
61.  We get mad when people say Tori Spelling is ugly.
62.  I love to take baths.
63.  I love to toot in my bath.
64.  It turns the tub into a jacuzzi.
65.  I'm happy my daddy makes money so MC can stay home with me and make milk.
66.  Sometimes she threatens to go back to work and leave me.
67.  I know she is bluffing.
68.  MC used to have a job talking on TV.
69.  Now she talks to me all day.
70.  Sometimes I wish she would shut her trap.
71.  I have a Fairy Godfather.
72.  His name is Frank.
73.  I have a Guncle.
74.  His name is Chris.
75.  He smells like coconuts.

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