Thursday, February 11, 2010

Keep Warm While Looking Fab!

Don't judge me.  I know most of you are digging out from 752 inches of snow.  But I'm a native Floridian, and anything less than 60 degrees down here warrants an Action News investigation of "how to not die in the cold or murder your orange trees or accidentally freeze your dog to the sidewalk."

Yesterday Mommy Chick and I were hibernating in the house.  We started getting a little stir crazy, so MC pulled up some fancy weather website to see if we would survive a walk.  Even though she is a recovering meteorologist, she wasn't sure if conditions were safe.  

So we called Auntie Dill, who lives in the land of sub-freezing wind chill indices.

MC:  Do you think it's safe to take Monkey Mae out?  The wind chill is 47.

AD:  Really?  We have seven inches of snow and below zero wind chill.  I don't feel sorry for you.

So off we went, double layered.  I'm wearing my Baby Gap sweater, similar to this one:

I finished off the look with a monkey fleece blanket, similar to this:

Kalencom BB415 Banana Monkey Polar Fleece Blanket Color: Blue

We had a super fab walk, until some old lady lectured MC about how I was going to get a runny nose from the cold.  Floridians are such wimps.

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  1. Oh how darling - we only got about a foot of snow here but temps were a balmy 25 degree (without counting windchill)...