Monday, February 15, 2010

Part 2 of 100 Things about Me!

Here is the next installment of my riveting series:

26.  My favorite actor is the green snake on Baby Einstein.
27.  My favorite color is yellow.
28.  I like to read Fancy Nancy books.
29.  I am quite fancy myself.
30.  My first concert was the Britney Circus tour.
31.  I was still in utero.
32.  I was at her famous "wardrobe malfunction" concert.
33.  I also saw Kathy Griffin while in utero.
34.  I poop in my pants.
35.  At my four month appointment, I was 26 inches tall.
36.  I like to call it 2'2".
37.  That puts me in the 95th percentile for height.
38.  I'm in the 50th percentile for weight.
39.  I know you are jealous.
40.  And I think that is OK.
41.  My main food is boobie milk.
42.  I eat real food, too.
43.  Daddy Dude makes homemade organic baby food.
44.  My favorites are sweet potatoes and apples.
45.  When I spit up sweet potatoes, it is orange.
46.  I like to spit up in Mommy Chick's hair.
47.  She doesn't think it is funny.
48.  I don't have any teeth.
49.  But I have pretty pink gums.
50.  I would like to get a diamond grill.

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