Friday, February 26, 2010

Swimwear and How a Snickers Bar Betrayed Us

You would think it is February or something because it is frigid here in the Sunshine State again today.  So we are doing therapy by envisioning our alabaster skin glistening on the beach.  Although I imagine it is hard to achieve "glistening" when you are covered in thick, white SPF 274.

Since I plan to grow quite a bit during swimsuit season, I will purchase at least two suits.  Yesterday I showed you my pick for a one piece.  I also want to rock a bikini.  I'm working on a new skill...sitting up.  So far, I can get to a 45-degree angle and hold it for several seconds.  You can imagine this has given me some pretty impressive abs.

Mommy Chick is also working on her fitness.  However, I have a tip for her.  When telling your personal trainer how well you've been eating, make sure a Snickers wrapper doesn't fall out of your pocket.  Yes, this happened this morning.

So I'm probably the only one of us who will be wearing a bikini, and this is my favorite one.  It is by Kate Mack.  It doesn't come in my size, but all you toddler bathing beauties need to get this STAT!  That means right now!  It is $54.

I need a cute cover-up to go with my variety of suits, so this one looks like a winner.  It is the Baby Tamalyn Cover Up by Ralph Lauren.  You can get one for $35.  I won't be mad if you get one.  Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Mommy Chick's favorite cover up is by Diane von Furstenburg.  We think DVF is a genius for inventing the wrap dress way back in the day.  This cover up is equally fabulous.  It's $245.

Here's a super cute option, without the DVF price tag.  It's La Blanca by Rod Beattie and is $65.  I think the color will look pretty by the ocean.

We hope you stay warm this weekend.  Make sure to visit us next week because I'm writing a series on how to look fab even while juggling a small monkey!  I think you will LOVE it!

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