Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fake Eyelashes!

I'm pretty impressed with the way my eyelashes are growing.  When I first transitioned to the outside, I didn't have any lashes at all!  Mommy Chick accused me of being a trichotillomaniac in-utero.

Then I started seeing all these commercials with Brooke Shields laughing, and dancing, and drinking wine, all because she has great eyelashes.  So I ordered some Latisse and it's really doing the trick.  The website says it has some interesting side effects, like darkening of the iris.  And it seems like just about every drug these days causes anal leakage.  I for sure have that, but I don't think it is because of any drugs.

MC isn't as committed to her eyelashes as I am, so she uses fake ones.  In fact, she glued on fake lashes the day before I was due to launch from her womb.  She wore them for several days, but then was too tired to reapply them  after they finally fell off.  It was a nice effort though and I do appreciate that she wanted to look her best when we finally met.

You can find all sorts of super pricey fake lashes, and MC has tried them all.  But you know where you can get the most fab lashes?  At a drugstore!  MC uses Ardell Fashion Lashes number 116.  They are still lush without making you look like Snuffalufagus.

These are $3.49, but right now you can do a BOGO on  That deal does include lash glue.  But if you want to go hardcore lash diva, use weave bond.  That's what drag queens do.

You're welcome.

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