Monday, February 1, 2010

Grammy Fashion, Britney and Kathy Griffin

I managed to catch some of the Grammys last night.  I'm kind of ticked that no one told me I'd needed 3d glasses for the Michael Jackson tribute.  I tried to convince Daddy Dude to run to Target to get some, but that was a no go.

I imagine you have been eagerly awaiting my fashion wrap up.  I have Baby Einstein on pause, so we'll make this quick.  It's on my favorite scene right now, a picture of a big red apple.

Anyway, Britney, why do you break my heart?  I'm not sure what this is.  It appears to be a black onesie with a sheer burp cloth as a skirt.

I don't care what anyone says about Britney.  I love her.  I love her crazy.  I lover her skinny. I love her bald. I love her fat.  I am a true fan, so much so that I went to her Circus concert last February.  I had only been in Mommy Chick's tummy about 14 weeks.  MC sat in the arena, eating saltines and clutching a puke bag.  But it was so worth it! 

Wanna know why?  We were at the concert.  You know, the one where she had the wardrobe malfunction and said the P word when she thought her mic was off!  After that, I had to grow up pretty fast.

Moving on, I think Kathy Griffin looked fabulous.


I also saw her live while in utero.  I was so excited, I posed for a picture during the show.  It's a bird's eye view of me in my seat.  DD thought MC was laughing so hard that I might come out right there.

That's actually what MC was hoping for, because she knew that would be her ticket to appearing on the D-List.  And then we would probably be invited to regulars on the show and eventually spin off into our own series.  But looking back on it, stardom would probably suck, so I'm glad we can go to story time without the paparazzi.


  1. Poor Britney. I think that was a bad angle and perhaps too sheer of a burp cloth.

  2. Britney should fire her stylist, methinks :)