Friday, May 21, 2010

Help Monkey Babies with Blood Cancers

Happy Friday! Yesterday I celebrated my eight month birthday. Yay me! I use the term "celebrate" lightly, because Mommy Chick and I like to celebrate our love and fabulocity each day, and we think you should, too.

I'm so happy to be healthy and have the energy to play in the park and blog about pretty clothes. I've told you before that I did a short NICU stint when I was born. Pneumonia is for the birds. It was not a good time and MC doesn't like to to talk about it, especially because she wears liquid eyeliner which is not conducive to crying.

Here is a video of me when I was a few days old. I was sucking colostrum off a cotton swab. If you watch it too much, you might melt at how sweet and cute I am. BTW...those are Daddy Dude's hands. MC does not have big furry fingers. That would be gross.

When I was in the hospital, MC and Daddy Dude were so touched by the help and outpouring of love we all received. Our friend, Barbara, was so wonderful to all of us. She came and sat with MC, who was all weepy pants. But even though MC was weepy, she still blew out her hair and wore lip gloss, which is a lot more
than I can say for a nurse who was mean to us. But I digress.

Barbara also did cranial sacral therapy on me, which helped me heal faster. I was only in the pokey for 10 days, and we just can't imagine what it's like for mommies and daddies and babies who have blood cancer.

And now, Barbara is running for the Central Florida Woman of the Year. That's a pretty big title, but we think it is fitting for a few reasons:

*She is a Lymph Drainage Therapist
*She is raising money for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society.
*This money goes toward helping children with blood cancers.
*Every 10 minutes a life is lost to leukemia.

One dollar equals one vote. She needs 5,000 votes, or she will be publicly beheaded. I authorized a nice donation from our family business.

If each one of you gave even a dollar or two, that would be a lot. I'm not really that good at math, but I do know that a least a few hundred people visit me every day. I know that because I'm a Reverse Stalker. I can see you. And I know if you have time to be sitting around reading blogs, you have time to go this website and donate $5.

Seriously, go get a latte and then donate the same amount to help sick monkey babies.

And if you actually do it, maybe I will tell you the story about how Barbara helped MC and DD know what my name was supposed to be.

Here's your tease: I was still in utero.


  1. Happy (belated) eight months, Isla! Genevieve and I agree that having to spend time in the NICU sucks. We are happily donating $5 right now! :)