Monday, May 24, 2010

Breaking News: I Have Hair

Check it out! I'm rocking a bow WITH NO HEADBAND! The bow is indeed clipped to actual strands of hair. I'm pretty sure I'm a future blond, so I still kind of look bald. But I really am sprouting a nice little mane.

This picture was snapped by the paparazzi at the gay chorus concert this weekend. Mommy Chick and I worked in the lobby pimping a DVD we produced.

I am wearing a custom-made dress, designed for me by one of Daddy Dude's patients. She has a little business and keeps threatening to open an online store, but so far has not. We will let you know as soon as that gets rolling.

MC is wearing, don't judge, a dress from Macy's junior department. She is far from being a "junior" so I was a bit confused. But it totally makes sense...she needed something sassy and trendy, yet didn't want to commit much cash. MC still melting away some pounds, so I agree that investing in something pricey would be silly.

We paid $24.99 for this little dress. Here is a similar one for the same price:


  1. I was just shopping the Macy's Jr department yesterday but was too embarassed to buy anything. I was also mad at Macy's for excluding Michael Kors from their coupon so I refused to buy anything that cost more than $20.

  2. I always feel out of place, too. But they do have some cute stuff, so I refuse to invest in too much right now because I just KNOW that I'll be much skinnier in a few months. :-)


  3. When I lose all my weight I can shop in that department again! LOL

  4. I always shop in the Juniors department. It is so much less expensive for the trendy items that go in and out of style way to fast for me to invest some real money. Super cute find!