Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Weird Dogs with Horns

So I had a lot of firsts while on my glamorous vacation to Louisville, Kentucky. I rocked my first photo shoot with my two fabulous cousins, I used a sippy cup for the first time, and I met these funny looking dog-like creatures with horns!

Mommy Chick and I spent a few days at my Nana's and Papa's house. It's the same house where MC lived when she was a little Monkey Girl. It looks like any other middle-class suburban 'hood. But it's not!

We went for a walk one night, and right behind one of the houses, we stumbled upon a pond.

Look who lives there! MC said these are called goats. I might get her one for Mother's Day. I think Daddy Dude will really like that idea.

Look how fast the goat moves his Pretty Goat Lips. I'm going to practice that technique for drinking boobie milk.

So according to my Nana, the city brings in these goats to eat the grass around a retention pond. I think that is the height of laziness and probably requires more effort than just mowing the lawn.

But it's a lot more fun feeding goats than visiting city workers, so I won't complain.


  1. Maybe I will get a pet goat and stop paying Jose to mow my lawn.

  2. that's too funny! Glad you had a great trip.