Thursday, April 22, 2010

I Want a Pool!

In my fantasies, I have a glorious pool with a waterfall.  Throw in some mojito-flavored boobie milk and a Gay Pool Boy (preferably one who wears a sassy mule), and I'd say life is just about perfect.

When Mommy Chick and Daddy Dude found out I was stowing away in her tummy, they started talking about finding a new house.  We live in a super cute Old Florida bungalow deal.  It actually belonged to my great-grandparents.  MC thinks sometimes they come visit me from the other side.  She thinks that because weird things happen, like my swing turns itself on and I like to talk to air.  All sorts of freaky stuff like that has always happened to MC, and maybe one day I'll let her do a guest post to tell you all about it.

Anyway, that's my really long-winded way of telling you that we have not found a new house and I'd say we will probably be in our bungalow for another year or so.  Our pool-less bungalow, that is.

So MC and I are entertaining the idea of a little baby pool for me.  The problem is that my Big Brown Dog will probably dive in and pop it.  And by "probably," I really mean "definitely."

I was reading Allyson and Dave yesterday and she mentioned this fabulous whale pool from Pottery Barn Kids.  It even has a blow hole!  You can have your very own whale for $59.

I am resisting telling you that it looks like a whale of a good time.  That would be cheesy and I frown upon cheese.  It makes me toot.


  1. Holy Cow!!! I think Donovan MUST have this as sadly.... we are pool-less too!

  2. Why is it that a woman with complete control over her shopping habit suddenly loses her mind when there is a mini-me involved? I want one for Sawyer!!!

  3. I agree. That is pretty cute. Our big yellow fuzzy dog though would also try to pop it...

  4. You must get the pool...then I can see it live and in action! People might laugh if I bought it for myself.

  5. We used to have a splish splash pool. It was from Target for about $30. It lasted two seasons and then water starting filling places that were supposed to be blown up with air. I'd love to get another one, especially now that we have our very own yard.

  6. That IS an awesome pool! I say go for it!!