Friday, April 23, 2010

Baby Einstein Exercauser!

Baby Einstein Discover and Play Activity Center

Swimsuit season is upon us, so in honor of Fergalicious, I'm "workin' on my fitness." While on vaycay, my new love John Carter let me try out his exercauser. Delicious and fun!

So imagine my delight last night when my Gigi bought me my very own Baby Einstein Exercauser! Gigi is for sure one of my very best employees. Not only does she hang with me on the days Mommy Chick works, but she pretty much does whatever I tell her to. One time, she let me drink 15 ounces of boobie milk in less than three hours! I like to refer to that as "The Best Day Ever."

The Baby Einstein exercauser is $79 and worth every penny. As MC's boss, I generally disapprove of time-wasting activities like showering or cleaning. But when she insists, this will keep me safe and occupied.

1 comment:

  1. LOVE it!!! We have the jumparoo and the exersaucer. D likes the jumparoo much better as he can get air and he is a little daredevil.

    I also love the ball toy in your video. I heard it and looked over at D like... uhm, how did you get that? I didn't think I turned it on today!! LOL