Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My New Career

Here I am in the radio studio laying some tracks. Is that even the right terminology? I'm not sure. Mommy Chick teaches TV at a local broadcast school, but I'm considering going into radio instead. That way, I can pretty much wear whatever I want and I won't be required to make my hair all puffy.

Here I am wearing one of my little Carter's get ups. I love their sunsuits because they are super cute and most of them are around $10 or less. When I got home from the studio, I actually had an epic poopslosion.

MC questioned even attempting to save this outfit. She did, but had we opted to toss it, it wouldn't have been all that tragic.

We saw this interesting link. Have you ever wanted to dress like a TV news anchor? Me neither, but if you know someone who does, pass this along to them: TV News Closet.

It's where you can buy all the stuff you favorite news anchors have cast aside. We were perusing, and there are actually some great deals. So if you are looking to expand your professional wardrobe, take a gander!

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